Jaguar XJ-S V12 Coupe 1986

Boot Battery cover, excellent

$55.00 Delivered in USA.

Jaguar XJ-S V12 Coupe 1986

spare tire cover


fits tire up to 215/70/15

$45.00 Delivered in USA.

Tail light LENSES' CHROME FINISHERS from a 1986 XJ-S Coupe

( one of the lenses was shattered and re-glued,

the lens Seals are there but are hardened,

the only nice parts are the CHROMED FINISHERS ).

both for $49.00 Delivered in USA

Dash pod from a 1986 XJ-S V12 Coupe.

160 mph Speedo, and 7k rpm Tachometer

$165.00 Delivered in USA

Boot lid-mounted Center Stop Lamp from 1989

XJ-S V12 Coupe.  Excellent.

$125.00 Delivered in USA

XJ-6 and XJ-S parts

Free shipping

in continental USA.

Center console Top Shelf "crown" section

from 1976 XJ-6 Series 2

includes electrical harness, all switches,

Interior Air Temp Sensor, Clock. 

includes spare clock for parts.

$165.00 Delivered in USA

Restored Hazard Warning Switch from 1976 Series 2 XJ-6.

I have repaired it mechanically and this switch should last longer than a new one.  Includes Series 2 wiring instructions.

$25.00 Delivered in USA

2 Sets of mirrors and switches for Series 3 XJ-6  and  1 set for XJ-S.

Excellent condition. 

The Spacer and Pedestal angle for the XJ-S is different

than in the XJ-6.  

$215.00 each set Delivered in USA

Jaguar XJ-6 center console Tray Mat - excellent

$15.00 Delivered in USA.

1986 XJ-6 Vanden Plas Folio complete and excellent

$49.00 Delivered in USA.

Series 3 XJ-6 Sunroof motor Manual Crank handles

$25.00 each Delivered in USA.