Oxygen Sensor Ground Strap

If you own a 1980 thru 1985 Series 3  Jaguar XJ-6,

with a Single Wire Oxygen Sensor mounted

at the 'Y' connection of the exhaust manifolds,

AND, you are experiencing a certain rough idling,

the following mod might help the problem.

As the engine ages, oil and rusted contact points at the

manifolds-to-cylinder-head, reduce the grounding

of the Oxygen Sensor, so the ECU (Engine Control Unit), receives a less than 'full' ground signal

from the Oxygen Sensor.

This concept is not my idea, it was shown to me

by a factory-trained Jaguar mechanic in the mid 1990s. 

He explained that I could get a more stable idling

by adding a grounding wire between the

Oxygen Sensor and a clean body/chassis ground.

I tried it and it improved the idling.

But I decided that a wire wasn't good enough,

I wanted a proper Ground Strap,

so I designed my own Braided Copper Strap

which is fitted to my XJ-6.

                The result is that my idling is 99% steady.

this custom strap has proven itself in my car,

so I offer it to you.

I cannot guarantee it will cure any issues

with your engine, a lot depends on many other factors.

The pictures below show the Braided Copper Strap.

It is fitted to the Oxygen Sensor with a custom

Ring Terminal and new crush-washer.

Price for the Ground Strap is $29.00

Delivery in continental USA is included in price.

Overseas please inquire