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For Tank Panel Plugs:  please make sure you measure both tank panel holes, some XJ panel holes are known to measure 2.25" ( 2-1/4") -

I have both size plugs.


For O2 Ground Strap:  confirm that your car is a 

1980 to 1985 with the Single Wire O2 Sensor. 

Later cars do not need this strap.

Jaguar added a separate ground wire

to later O2 Sensors, I wonder why?

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Free Manuals, Documents, Links

view or download the S-57 Wiring Guide

for Series 3 XJ-6  (1979-1987)

Series 3  XJ-6  Service Manual

-14 sections -

Series 3  XJ-6 Parts Manual

-12 sections -

Series 3 XJ-6/12 Trip Computer Details

Series 3  XJ-6  4.2 Fuel Injection

Series 3  XJ-6  Color Schematic Drawings

Series 3  XJ  Delanaire MK2 A/C Electrical & Vacuum

Jag Care 3

Series 3 XJ-6 Vacuum images

click on each image to enlarge, then save it

Series 3  XJ-6  4.2 A.F.M. Overfueling Fix

when accelerating a cold engine, and black smoke is produced through the exhaust